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Destiny Education provides you the opportunity to receive an American education through grants that reduce the cost of tuition by as much as 90%

Our accredited degree programs allow you to study in your home country and graduate virtually or on campus while receiving the same degree as students based in the United States!
This is the opportunity of a lifetime.


More About DestinyEDU’s Programs

More about DestinyEDU’s Programs

An education from an American-accredited university provides you with opportunities for higher-paying jobs, both at home and abroad. A quality university degree leads to more fulfilling work and a lifestyle with possibilities for travel, health, and wealth.

The DestinyEDU mission is to enable you to receive funds for your education at an American university through grants that substantially reduce the cost of education by as much as 90%. Our programs allow you to study online in your home country and graduate in the USA or virtually online. You receive the same degree as students studying in the USA.

Put yourself in a position that American-educated students have enjoyed for decades when seeking jobs. 

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Our Partner Universities

Our Partner Universities

We welcome students to experience our quality education online. AIU and Trident degree programs are designed to fit a busy life so you can pursue your degree on your own schedule and access coursework anytime. The accessible, mobile virtual campus also helps you connect with other students, communicate with professors, and monitor your degree progress from any internet-enabled device.

Students Testimonials

Meet Mercy Okoduwa!

Mercy recently made the 2021 graduate list at the American InterContinental University with a Master of Science in Information Technology degree. She believes that anyone who intends to further their career and learn more needs to embrace higher education. #UnlockYourDestiny
Mercy Okoduwa
Graduate, Master of Information Technology, American InterContinental University

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Our students have received positions at top companies around the world.  Our partner university degree programs are designed to meet the needs of companies in today’s job market.